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Raptors round out coaching staff

The Raptors got around to confirming Dwane Casey revamped coaching staff on Wednesday afternoon.

A month after the news broke that ex star Jerry Stackhouse and well regarded Rex Kalamian would become assistant coaches how much is a hermes handbag under Casey and a couple of weeks after the final piece of the puzzle Andy Greer was added to the mix, the team has completed all of the paperwork and brought the new coaches into the fold, alongside incumbents Nick Nurse and Jama Mahlalela.

with Nick and Jama, we have a group that will challenge our players daily to improve and compete. spent the previous six seasons in Oklahoma City the past two as lead assistant to the now departed Scott Brooks and the team made the NBA Finals once and the Western Conference finals three times.

Kalamian previously worked with Casey in Minnesota during Casey first stint as an NBA head coach and has also been in Sacramento, Denver and with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Greer, a defensive specialist, spent the past five seasons under Tom Thibodeau in Chicago, where the team regularly ranked amongst the NBA defensive leaders.

He has also Hermes Kelly bag replica been an assistant coach in Memphis, Houston and New York, mainly under Jeff Van Gundy.

Stackhouse averaged 16.9 points a game in 18 NBA seasons, making two all star appearances and one trip to the NBA Finals. He played under then Dallas lead assistant Casey during the 2008 09 season.

For his career in the NBA, he averaged 16.9 points, 3.3 assists, 3.2 rebounds and 31.2 minutes in 970 regular season games (564 starts). He also appeared in replica hermes handbags outlet 75 playoffs contests and reached the NBA Finals in 2006 with Dallas.

Earlier this summer, the team parted ways with Bill Bayno and Tom Sterner and announced that Jesse Mermuys would take over as head coach of the new Raptors 905 NBA Development League franchise in Mississauga.

The Raptors got around to confirming Dwane Casey revamped coaching staff on Wednesday afternoon.

A month after the news broke that ex star Jerry Stackhouse and well regarded Rex Kalamian would become assistant coaches under Casey and a couple of weeks after the final piece of the puzzle Andy Greer was added to the mix, the team has completed all of the paperwork and brought the new coaches into the fold, alongside incumbents Nick Nurse and Jama Mahlalela.

with Nick and Jama, we have a group that will challenge our hermes replica players daily to improve and compete. spent the previous six seasons in Oklahoma City the past two as lead assistant to the now departed Scott Brooks and the team made the NBA Finals once and the Western Confe
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Presidents Cup gets kiss of life in South Korea

dominance, the Presidents Cup arrived in South Korea needing a competitive week to regain its relevance and fire up an International team that had begun to dread the traditional biennial thrashing.

Sunday's thrilling finale, in which the United States claimed the trophy in the very last singles fake herme bag match, was the perfect riposte to critics who said the Cup had become an "exhibition" and will leave the Internationals counting down the days till the next event in two years' time.

In 11 editions of the Cup, which pits the United States against a team of international players minus Europeans, the Americans how much is a hermes handbag have won nine times with one tie and one defeat.

The United States have now won six in a row stretching back to 2005. The last time they failed to win the Cup was in 2003 in South Africa when the event ended in a tie.

Many of those victories were achieved far too easily as the Internationals struggled to match the Americans' strength in depth.

Internationals skipper Nick Price pushed hard for changes, calling for the total number of points on offer to be reduced to 28 from 34, believing it would make for a much closer competition.

PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem agreed on the need for a shake up but would only go as low as 30 for this year's Cup, which was played in Asia for the first time.

In the days leading up to the event, Finchem said the final result was not a benchmark of success for the Cup though he did hope to see closer matches.

In the end, it was closer than he could possibly have imagined.

After a poor first day, where they trailed 4 1 after the foursomes, the International team fought back in the Friday four ball format to trail by one.

The eight points available on Saturday were split down the middle, leaving the United States ahead by one heading into Sunday's 12 singles matches. captain Jay Haas, claimed the winning point in a 15.5 14.5 hermes replica victory.


As an advertisement for team golf, in a market replica hermes birkin handbags the PGA Tour is keen to exploit, the 2015 Presidents Cup was an overwhelming success.

Price said he, his assistants and the players had been vindicated in calling on the PGA commissioner to change the format.

"I think we have proved our point," he added. "People say I drove it; maybe I spearheaded it, but the support that these guys, and what they all felt about this competition, this has certainly been a huge step in the right direction.

"They are probably looking forward to the next one as much as anything."

Australian Adam Scott, who has now competed in seven Cups without success, gave a ringing endorsement to the changes implemented by the PGA Tour.

"There's no doubt this team was much more invested in this event than any team I've ever been on before ." said Scott.

"And I think they made the right decisions, and the proof was in the pudding today with how it all panned out."

Phil Mickelson, who has played in all 11 Presidents Cup, said he hoped this would breathe new life into the event.

"I hope so. I notice that the interest on the outside might not have been as great as you would think when you have this many great players in the world competing against each other," he added.

"But for us, we still feel the pressure. We still feel the emotion. We still feel the excitement. It still means that much to us. Always has and I hope others see what a great event this Presidents Cup is."
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PM Still In Discussions At EU Budget Summit

The Prime Minister said he is prepared to use his veto to block a deal covering the financing of the European Union if the EU does not cut more off its budget.

The British premier made his position clear to reporters ahead of a summit in Brussels to set the budget for the next seven years the first since his demands caused the collapse of the bloc's previous meeting in November.

The talks to decide the European Union's budget for the remainder of the decade began more than six hours late as leaders met in groups to try to reach a compromise, battling it out until the small hours of Friday morning.

Before Friday dawned, EU president Herman Van Rompuy said an agreement was within touching distance. "But we are not there yet," he underlined.

Britain and France, whose leaders failed to gather face to face at a planned pre summit huddle, were the main protagonists in a battle over spending priorities for 2014 2020 that turned on whether proposals for a budget initially above one trillion euros would fall to around 900 billion.

It is Mr Cameron's first summit since pledging a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU.

He told how much is a hermes handbag reporters: "When we were last here in November, the numbers that were put forward were much too high. They need to come down. And if they don't come down, there won't be a deal."

Last year, he refused to accept the trillion euro budget on the table, even though EU President Herman Van Rompuy had replica hermes handbags outlet cut it back from 1.3trillion euros ( to 973billion euros ( under pressure from London.

Francois Hollande has warned against cutting EU spending on investment projects at a time when 26 million people are unemployed across the EU.

He told reporters on his arrival that Hermes Kelly bag replica "if Europe, seeking to reach a compromise at any cost, should abandon its common policies, forget farming and ignore growth, I will not agree".

Mr Cameron is seeking the support of other net contributors to the European Union in his quest for a tighter budget, including Germany.

He was able to meet the leaders of northern European nations Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands in order to win their help.

The prime minister's promise of a referendum on EU membership last month won him praise from some newspapers and elements of the Conservative Party who had long been calling for powers to be returned from Brussels to London.

But many EU leaders are growing impatient with what they view as Britain's continued demands for special treatment, and its recent threat of exit from the 27 nation bloc if it does not fake hermes kelly bagd get its way.

Memories are also still fresh of a summit in December 2011 when Mr Cameron found himself isolated after excluding Britain from a fiscal pact aimed at tackling the crisis in the eurozone.

Mr Cameron will need his European allies to help him push through the reforms he outlined in his speech on January 23, when he made the case for Britain's place in Europe but warned that its institutions needed to change.

The prime minister has targeted the Brussels bureaucracy for the bulk of the budget cuts, warning that the EU cannot be exempt from the austerity being introduced across Europe following the global economic crisis.

"The European Union should not be immune from the sorts of pressures that we've had, to reduce spending, find efficiencies and make sure that we spend money wisely, that we're all having to do right across Europe," Mr Cameron said.
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Portable Evaporative Cooler swamp Cooler

In areas with low humidity, regular air conditioners don't work very well. A simpler solution uses water evaporation to cool and humidify air. They have also been used at home in more permanent installations to cool greenhouses. Additionally, they could provide temperature regulation to desert homes where electrical power is not available.

Step 1: Materials

36 44 gallon heavy duty trash can with lidEvaporative cooler pad x 12 feet x 29 inchesHardware cloth or chicken wire x 6 feet x 24 inchesSubmersible 12 volt bilge pump x 11/2 inch irrigation tubing x 10 feet1/2 inch T connector for irrigation x 1Automobile radiator fan or solar fan x 116 inch diameter HVAC tubing Large drain panU bolts x 3Solar panel and deep cycle battery

First you need to make a way for the air to pass thru wet padding:Cut 2.5 inch diameter holes in sides of garbage can. A drill bit made for cutting doorknob holes works perfectly. Leave the lower 10 inches of the garbage can intact, without holes. Line the inside of garbage can with blue evaporative cooler padding x two layers. Keep it in place with hardware cloth or chicken wire on the inside. Keep that in place with the U bolts drilled thru the garbage can sides. Drill very small holes about every 2 inches in bottom side of circle for water to drip from. (If you want to get really fancy, you can insert drip irrigation emitters in the holes, which will give you a known gal/hour drip rate. )Now we need to get the water up to the top of Hermes handbag copy the pads:Place 12 volt submersible pump in bottom of garbage can. Connect the pump to the drip ring with 1/2 inch tubing. So we eventually bought a solar type fan for about $200 that runs forever on a 45 watt solar panel hooked to a deep cycle 12 volt battery. An auto radiator fan will use more juice than this system puts out, and only runs about 20 hours before draining the battery faster than the solar panel can charge it. I also installed a switch to cut off the pump in the cool morning hours and just have a fan. It gets too cold, otherwise!The entire unit will need to sit in a catchment basin, to collect water that drips out from the sides (this dripping is inevitable). Big black tubs from a garden center work well. you may need to drill holes in the bottom of the garbage can to allow this water to percolate back inside to the pump.

I attend more n likely the same hot dry dusty gathering. Many years we have lucked out and had some 110 to run AC or wall plug swamp coolers. Not so this year at Chilleville. Your unit is mondo and your awesome flip pac camper with the requisite silver bubble insulation probably has similar cooling needs to my Alaskan pop up camper. How many Gallons of agua are you going through on a typical blistering playa day nap? Or lets just keep it per 24 hours average. I was thinking a 5 gallon bucket or ice chest style within my camper might do the trick. I wonder if there is a cooling advantage or disadvantage to having your evap cooler inside rather than outside. Better brush up on thermodynamics. I guess at some point the humidity inside a structure would make it so the cooling effect of evaporation was diminished. didn notice this when using a plug in one inside a van one year. Is Bill Nye a burner? Very interested to know how much H20 your mega swamp consumes, gracias.

It needs to draw in outside dry air to have continued cooling effect. Otherwise like you said, the humidity will just continue to build and eventually prevent evaporation.

What type of fan is pictured here? To me it looks like a HVAC condenser fan but those use a ton of energy.

if you asking if a swamp cooler works for a house, then yes, my Hermes Kelly bag replica brother lived in NM and used a swamp cooler to cool his house. His used a fan. If you want to be off grid with your swamp cooler you need a way to blow the cooled air throughout the structure such as this person used with solar panels.

Well, my question is if the air getting cooler (and will therefore sink) would be enough to make the air circulate: Inside air getting warmer, entering upper vent, entering swamp cooler, sink and finally enter the house again.

You probably need a fan to get enough air circulation through the matting to make a difference. I doubt convection flow by itself will move enough air.

No, you never want to recirculate inside air through a swamp cooler. All this will do is make the inside air progressively more humid and gain heat as the multiple passes reduce the efficiency of the cooler.

What you need to do is draw hot, dry outside air into the cooler, expell the cool, moist air into the house and then let it exit through an open window before it has a chance fake handbag Hermes to heat up again. As it expelled more cool, moist air from the cooler takes its place.

I think that question would depend on how large your space is, and how broken up (with walls or furniture) it is. FWIW, Kitty

Air is led from a vent near the roof in a insulated pipe into the swamp cooler, where the pipe (but not the house air) is in contact with the moist media. Evaporation make the air cooler and presses it down, trough insulated pipe and into an vent near the floor. Water is release into swamp cooler from mains or knock off Hermes bag rain barrel as shown.

Swamp coolers are indeed pass devices. Draw dry, outside air into the cooler, exhaust the more humid, cooler air into the house. Then open a window at the far end to exhaust the air so more cool air can take it place.

If you set up the swamp cooler to recirculate interior air, all you will do is load up the interior with humidity. Letting the humid air out and replacing it with fresh cooled air is the key to making a swamp cooler work. really 2 gals/hr? just run for the hotest part of the day i guess. cheers mate, and good job. The output of any swamp cooler depends on two things:

1. The Relative Humidity of the air it has to cool by evaporation, and

2. The size of the unit [amount of SURFACE AREA through which the air is drawn].

I notice that your trash can hole pattern leaves LOTS of un cutout area. I would guess you have about a 40 to 45% open area.

Without changing ANYTHING else, IF you would either drill the holes larger so they ALMOST TOUCHED each other, OR drilled a lot more smaller holes in between, you would INCREASE the surface area of the matting for airflow, and thus INCREASE volume of cooled air created.

Ideally, like the commercial swamp coolers mounted on the Tucson rooftops, the wet mat area would be massive, with ONLY a thin metal framing to support the matting, hoses, and fan.

You could accomplish this by either drilling more holes, OR replacing the trash can with two layers of cloth with the matting sandwiched between, and then just the bottom of the trash can at the bottom as a reservoir. The double layer of say 1/2 inch hardware cloth would be more than strong enough to support the system, AND provide almost 100% exposure of the wetted padding to the air flow. But, seeing as how tooyellowdogs built this to be used in an area where the dust is almost as fine as baby powder (so I heard from not to mention, the unprotected moisture matting may be subject to clogging from the random/fugitive dust flying around and collecting turning (possibly) into Just a thought I plan on building one of these for a greenhouse/grow space in a high desert location where humidity is almost totally lacking Aloha

You probably need about 3 5 gallons to prime the system and get all the pads wet then about 3 gallons per day. We used cooler melt water (ours and as many neighbors as we could get water from) to supplement the amount of water we brought onto the playa.

I building one of these for the upcoming burn. How many gallows of water does it use per day/hour. As you know, it not like we can go to the faucet if we didn bring enough water.
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obsesionado con sacar el pl

"No entiendo por qu la palabra 'obsesivo' tiene una connotacin negativa. Soy obsesivo, y me gusta", le dice a la BBC. "Se me ocurre una idea y me mantengo fiel a ella".

La idea se le ocurri a los 16 aos cuando estaba buceando en Grecia. "Vi ms bolsas plsticas que peces", cuenta. Pero lo que ms le sorprendi fue que nadie pensaba que el problema era solucionable.

En los ltimos 30 o 40 aos, millones de toneladas de plstico se depositaron en los ocanos. De las 288 millones de toneladas que se producen al ao, el 10% van a parar a los ocanos.

Media playback is unsupported on your device

La mayora el 80% viene de los desechos que se producen en tierra y se cuelan por los desages, de ah llegan a los ros hasta que finalmente alcanzan el mar.

Las corrientes marinas arrastran los plsticos, que se congregan en cinco sistemas conocidos como remolinos, en los principales ocanos. El ms famoso es conocido con el nombre de "Gran mancha de basura del Pacfico", localizado entre Hawi y California.

Y como los pedazos de plstico no estn fijos en un punto sino que giran por accin de las corrientes, sacarlos del agua se vuelve an ms complejo.

Lea: La isla de plstico se multiplic por 100

En el aulaLa inspiracin le surgi en un momento dado: por qu en vez de tratar de perseguir a los desechos no aprovechamos las fuerzas de las corrientes y hacemos que vengan hacia Hermes Kelly bag imitation nosotros?, se pregunt Slat.

El joven desarroll este concepto como parte de un proyecto cientfico escolar: la idea consiste en distribuir una serie de barreras flotantes, ancladas al fondo del mar, para encerrar a la basura flotante.

El plstico se movera a lo largo de estas barreras hacia una plataforma, desde donde se lo podra extraer fcilmente.

Las corrientes ocenicas podran circular libremente por debajo de las barreras, trasladando en Hermes Kelly bag fake ellas a los animales marinos. Los plsticos recolectados podran reciclarse para crear otros productos.

La iniciativa lo hizo merecedor de un premio.

Para la mayora de los adolescentes, la historia hubiese acabado all, pero ese no fue el caso de Slat.

Tras abandonar temporalmente sus estudios de ingeniera aeroespacial en la universidad y su vida social, el joven puso todo su empeo en sacar su proyecto adelante.

Slat cre una fundacin, "The Ocean Cleanup" y luego de incansables intentos para conseguir financiacin, logr obtener US$80.000 en dos semanas.

Lea: Miden la acumulacin de plstico en el Atlntico

El daoSegn el Programa para el Medio fake bag Hermes Ambiente de Naciones Unidas, hay un promedio de 13.000 piezas de plstico flotante por cada kilmetro cuadrado de ocano, pero esta cifra se incrementa hasta un milln de trozos en los remolinos.

Muchos de estos pedazos acaban siendo ingeridos accidentalmente por animales marinos que pueden llegar a perecer de inanicin porque su estmago est lleno de plstico.

Los albatros son particularmente vulnerables porque se alimentan de huevos de peces voladores, que estn pegados a objetos flotantes que en la actualidad son mayormente trozos de plstico.

Las tortugas suelen ser vctimas de las bolsas plsticas, porque, cuando estn bajo el agua, son muy fciles de confundir con medusas.

El plstico absorbe las sustancias qumicas y las aves y los peces consumen trozos de plstico. Entonces, la pregunta es qu impacto tiene esto en la cadena alimenticia?Nancy Wallace, directora del Programa de Basura Marina de NOAA

Por otra parte, los plsticos actan como esponjas y absorben las sustancias qumicas presentes en el agua.

"Hoy da hay muchos contaminantes en los ocanos, como por ejemplo DDT", knock off Hermes handbag le dice a la BBC Nancy Wallace, directora del Programa de Basura Marina de la Administracin Nacional Ocenica y Atmosfrica de Estados Unidos.

"El plstico absorbe las sustancias qumicas y las aves y los peces consumen trozos de plstico. Entonces, la pregunta es qu impacto tiene esto en la cadena alimenticia?", dice Wallace.
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President Kennedy's moon shot speech and the Apollo 11 mission

Kennedy's moon shot speech On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced before a special joint session of Congress the dramatic and ambitious goal of sending an American safely to the moon before the end of the decade, igniting the "space race" with the Soviet Union during the era of the Cold War. While Alan Shepard became the first American in space on May 5, he only flew on a short suborbital flight instead of orbiting the earth, as Gagarin had done.

The decision involved enormous human effort and expenditure to make what became Project Apollo a reality by 1969. Only the construction of the Panama Canal in modern peacetime and the Manhattan Project in war were comparable in scope. Projects Mercury (at least in its latter stages), Gemini, and Apollo were designed to execute Kennedy's goal. His goal was achieved on July 20, 1969, when Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong stepped off the Lunar Module's ladder and onto the Moon's surface.

We came in peace for all mankind On July 20, 1969, with more than half a billion people watching on television, Neil Armstrong became the first person to step foot on the moon proclaiming the words, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." The Apollo 11 mission captured the imagination of a generation.

On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced the goal of sending astronauts to the moon before the end of the decade. Eight years later that dream became a reality as the swing arms moved away and a plume of flame signaled the liftoff of the Apollo 11 carrying astronauts Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin Jr from Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A to the moon.

Here, astronaut Neil Armstrong, left, displays a plaque that would be attached to a landing leg of the lunar module "Eagle" descent stage and left on the moon by the Apollo 11 astronauts as Col. Buzz Aldrin, center, holds the Apollo 11 insignia at a news conference at the Space Center. Different hermes bag fake Command Module pilot Lt. Col. Michael Collins is at right. The plaque reads, "Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon. We came in peace for all mankind."

First moonwalk Neil Armstrong, waving in front, heads for the van that will take the crew to the rocket for launch to the moon at Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida, July 16, 1969.

Armstrong, who died August 25, 2012 at 82, commanded the Apollo 11 spacecraft that landed on the moon July 20, 1969. Armstrong and fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin spent nearly three hours walking on the moon, collecting samples, conducting experiments and taking photographs. In all, 12 Americans walked on the moon from 1969 to 1972. EDT. Aboard the Apollo 11 spacecraft are astronauts Neil A. fake hermes leather handbags Armstrong, commander; Michael imitiaton hermes bags Collins, command module pilot; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., lunar module pilot.

Apollo 11 was the United States' first lunar landing mission. While astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin descended in the Lunar Module "Eagle" to explore the Sea of Tranquility region of the moon, astronaut Collins remained with the Command and Service Modules "Columbia" in lunar orbit.

Landing site Mare Tranquillitatis Not only was the landscape a place of "stark beauty," but also the source of rocks that revealed the moon's fiery past for the first time. replica hermes handbags outlet The samples showed that the Apollo 11 landing site in Mare Tranquillitatis was once the site of volcanic activity, and the flat surface that afforded such an incredible vista was due to broad, thin flows of lava that flooded the region.

When Neil Armstrong took his famous first steps onto the lunar surface, he kicked around the soil. "Yes, the surface is fine and powdery." Gazing at the flat horizon, he took in the view. "Isn't that something! Magnificent sight out here." After collecting a contingency sample Neil looked around and observed, "it has a stark beauty all its own. It's like much of the high desert of the United States. It's different, but it's very pretty out here." A few minutes later Buzz Aldrin descended the ladder and joined Neil on the surface of the moon.

Apollo 11 landing site This image of the Apollo 11 landing site captured from just 24 km (15 miles) above the surface provides the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO)'s best look yet at humanity's first venture to another world.

You can see the remnants of Armstrong and Aldrin's first steps as dark regions around the Lunar Module (LM) and in dark tracks that lead to the scientific experiments the astronauts set up on the surface. The Passive Seismic Experiment Package (PSEP) provided the first lunar seismic data, returning data for three weeks after the astronauts left, and the Laser Ranging RetroReflector (LRRR) allows precise measurements to be collected to this day. You can even spot the discarded cover of the LRRR.

Another trail leads toward Little West crater around 50 meters (164 feet) to the east of the LM. This was an unplanned excursion near the end of the two and a half hours spent on the surface. Armstrong ran over to get a look inside the crater, and this was the farthest either astronaut ventured from the landing site.

Compared to Apollo 12 and 14, which allowed for more time on the surface, and Apollo 15, 16, and 17, which had the benefit of a Lunar Roving Vehicle, Armstrong and Aldrin's surface activities were quite restricted. Their tracks cover less area than a typical city block.

Mobile Quarantine Facility President Richard M. Nixon was in the central Pacific recovery area to welcome the Apollo 11 astronauts aboard the USS Hornet, prime recovery ship for the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing mission. Already confined to the Mobile Quarantine Facility (MQF) are (left to right) Neil A. Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, command module pilot; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., lunar module pilot.
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Oriol Romeu and Ryan Bertrand potential Liverpool targets

Liverpool will be sizing up another raid of Southampton's squad this summer ahead of their Super Sunday showdown, says Phil Thompson.

The Reds have signed no less than five Saints over the last three summers, with Adam Lallana, Dejan Lovren, Sadio Mane, Nathaniel Clyne and Rickie Lambert all arriving for over Klopp replica hermes handbags outlet is expected to strengthen again this summer after failing to maintain classic hermes bags fake their Premier League title chase, with securing a top Different hermes bag fake four finish the focus when Claude Puel's men visit Anfield in Sunday's early kick off.

I'd straight away say Van Dijk, who I have always rated. The way he plays the game would make him a perfect fit for a Klopp team. There's always been an affiliation with Dutch players at Liverpool. I remember the 60s when we first played against Johan Cruyff's Ajax and we were left in awe.

We obviously talk about Dirk Kuyt very highly and I think the fake hermes leather handbags club have a connection to that Dutch style of play. Our big issue is that the other sides in the top six will also be looking at him. challenges Daniel Sturridge of Liverpool

Bertrand is another one who would improve us. James Milner has been nothing short of fantastic but he's not a natural left back and it's hard to see any sort of future for Alberto Moreno at the club. Bertrand is a good defender and he times his movement going forward particularly well.

Oriol Romeu

Oriol Romeu has impressed in front of the Saints backline

There might be a bit of interest as well in Romeu, who has had an excellent season and does exactly what it says on the tin. He's a destroyer, he's got a great attitude and passes the ball very well. If Southampton were interested in cashing in then he'd offer us something we don't really have at the moment.

I wind up Le Tiss up asking if the tea lady makes a good brew and what her contract is like, but it's a compliment to them really as they're as good as anyone around at producing players.
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real estate to new heights

With offshore buyers looking to snap up some of the priciest real estate in the Lower Mainland, realtor David Green figured the use of drones to capture aerial video of these mansions was a no brainer.

So three years ago, he and business partner, Simeon Garratt, set up Lift Marketing to send real estate sales soaring in a brand new direction.

Since then, they have acquired three drones unmanned aircraft to swoop and soar around palaces for sale, capturing bird's eye views of hillsides, swimming pools, rooftop patios, every glimpse of opulence and sometimes entire neighbourhoods, reflecting such nearby must haves as private schools.

"We have a unique buyers' situation where a lot imitiaton hermes bags of buyers aren't physically present, so this highlights the property," explained Green over coffee in Yaletown, adding that drones are particularly effective in neighbourhoods such as West Vancouver, with its steep topography.

You would think flying these drones would be a breeze, but Lift Marketing has to comply with strict Transport Canada regulations and has to obtain a Special Flight Operation Certificate. They have also hired an experienced operator of remote control devices to operate them.

Drones can be dangerous. Witness the recent bloodied hand of Spanish pop singer Enrique Iglesias, who reached out and touched one on Different hermes bag fake stage.

The cost of one of these drone shot videos will run a seller anywhere from $750 to around $1,500.

Small potatoes, perhaps, when you consider some of these mansions can run you around $10 million.

Green said that while drones are used mostly for high end real estate, given the relatively modest cost and advancements in technology, he figures they should be used more extensively.

"I think they should be used for everything, whether it's a quick aerial photo or whether it requires a full video, whether it's a million dollar property or a five million dollar property."

Drone work can be fairly labour intensive, with about two hours on the ground required to produce a 30 to 90 second video. Garrett, who also speaks Mandarin, does most of the editing.

Lift Marketing operates out of Vancouver and Kelowna, where Green spent the first decade of his 16 year career as a realtor.

So far, clients love the service, said Green, adding that some enjoy showing up on site to watch the drone being launched and performing its aerial magic.

"They almost like the process as much as the finished product."$18,000,000 1638 Angus Drive, Vancouver, BC from Lift Marketing on Vimeo.

On the Blood reserve, progress in the fight against opioid addiction and deathsSTAND OFF In the wake of four more fentanyl overdose deaths month, Blood Tribe in Stand Off on Tuesday to update band and government on the opioid crisis.

A family affair: St Viateur Bagel celebrates 60 yearsBagels are the great equalizer. Everybody eats them, everybody loves them and everybody is invited to the bagel factory's block party on Sunday.

Vaughn Palmer: Vote verdict in Comox will clear political pictureTuesday saw the NDP lead trimmed to 12, then the Liberals pulled ahead by three and, as counting ended.

Daphne Bramham: Preserving Chinatown should be a local and national priorityGreat cities have how much is a hermes handbag texture. They have buildings, places and communities that reflect their unique character.

Daphne Bramham: Granville Island reboot lacks a daring vision for the futureGranville Island was one bold, big idea. Never before had industrial land been reclaimed as public space.

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Oz with results of recent physical

Donald Trump, a master showman, surprised the "Dr. Oz Show" studio audience on Wednesday by revealing the results of a recent physical exam. The "Oz" episode, taped on Wednesday morning, will air on Thursday. During it, Trump handed Dr. Mehmet Oz a one page summary of the exam, which was conducted by Dr. Harold N. Bornstein last week. Bornstein is the same hyperbolic doctor who previously said Trump would, if elected, be the healthiest president in history.

The campaign plans to share the information from Bornstein on Thursday. But it began to leak out after the "Oz" taping.

Hillary Clinton's recent health travails only briefly came up during the hour long taping. Trump repeated what he has said in recent interviews: That he hopes she gets well soon.

The TV appearance gives the appearance of transparency, but the summary by Bornstein will fall far short of experts' calls for detailed information about Trump's health and fake hermes leather handbags medical history.

Trump's presentation of the one page summary was a surprise because Trump campaign aides had said earlier in the day that the exam results would not be shared during the show taping.

Oz told CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta that he, too, was surprised.

"Not knowing if we would see Mr. Trump's medical records, I planned to do a full review of systems with Mr. Trump," meaning the GOP nominee's nervous system, cardiovascular health, family medical history, and other aspects of his health.

"I did that as planned when he sat down with me. He answered all my questions," Oz told Gupta in a text message. "We then discussed the need for transparency around both candidates' medical records, at which point he produced a summary letter from his physician based on last week's tests."

A brief clip of Trump's appearance released by the "Dr. Oz Show" Wednesday afternoon shows Oz asking Trump, "If your health is as strong as it seems from your systems, why not share your medical records?"

"Well, I really have no problem in doing it, I have it right here," Trump says. And then, in a classic showman's stroke, he turns to the audience and says, "Should I do it? I don't care, should I do it?" The audience applauds, and imitiaton hermes bags Trump hands Oz what he says are two letters regarding the physical.

First clip released of Donald Trump on 'Dr. Oz'

During the hour long taping, Trump also talked with Oz about his dietary habits and broader health related issues.

Multiple audience members told CNN that Trump said he does not exercise regularly. But one of them Kelly Platt, a pharmacist intern who said she is a Trump supporter said Trump told Oz that he is so good at golf he could join the PGA Tour.

According to Platt, Oz said his interpretation of the letter from Bornstein is that Trump has no health issues. Platt said that, according to Oz, Trump's cholesterol has come down to a good level after he was prescribed a Statin drug to lower it Oz remarked that only a young person would have a cholesterol level that good, Platt said.

Trump and Oz also discussed political topics that are of interest to the "Dr. Oz Show" audience, like efforts to fight the Zika virus and Trump's new child care policies.

Trump's daughter Ivanka joined him for part of the taping. And Trump took questions from the studio audience.

Trump's daytime TV chat about health and wellness seemed like a savvy political stunt.

The New York Times called it a "match made on TV," describing Oz as a "kindred spirit a physician who is not only Republican, but also has spent the last decade attracting an enormous following on television."

Indeed, Trump, a former reality TV star, is at home in a setting like "The Dr. Oz Show."

The back and forth about whether the candidate would share the physical exam results added to the drama.

The "Oz" appearance was also partly Different hermes bag fake a pitch to female voters. (Daytime TV shows like "Dr. Oz" skew female.)

Trump was booked on the program more than a week ago, which means the plans pre dated Clinton's recent health scare.

Clinton is taking several days off from campaigning as she recovers from a bout of pneumonia.

Trump has repeatedly called out Clinton's "stamina" in recent months, alluding to long held questions in conservative media circles about Clinton's health.

But how much is a hermes handbag since she stumbled leaving a 9/11 commemoration ceremony on Sunday morning, Trump has been careful not to question Clinton's health directly.

Oz told Kilmeade that he wanted to keep the TV segment focused on Trump and Trump's policies "we're not going to be talking about Secretary Clinton, for sure," he said.
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Pentagon Demands Return of Cash Bonuses Paid to California Soldiers for Going to War a Decade Ago

The Pentagon is seeking to recover decade old reenlistment bonuses how much is a hermes handbag paid to thousands of California Army National Guard soldiers to go fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

The paper reported that nearly 10,000 classic hermes bags fake soldiers, many of whom imitiaton hermes bags risked their lives during multiple combat tours, have been ordered to repay the cash bonuses after audits revealed widespread overpayments by California Guard officials under pressure to meet enlistment targets at the height of the wars 10 years ago.

But soldiers say the military is reneging on old agreements and imposing severe financial hardship replica hermes handbags outlet on those whose only mistake was to accept the bonuses, which amounted to $15,000 or more.

The Army asked wounded Iraq veteran and former Army captain Christopher Van Meter, 42, to repay a $25,000 reenlistment bonus it said he was ineligible to receive. He was also asked to repay $21,000 in student loan repayments.

Van Meter told the paper that rather than fight the Army he paid back the money after refinancing his home.

"These bonuses were used to keep people in," Van Meter said. "People like me just got screwed."

The Times reported that 48 year old Army sergeant Robert Richmond, who suffered permanent injuries in an Iraq roadside bomb attack, is refusing to repay his $15,000 cash bonus. The Army contends he was ineligible to receive the bonus in 2006 because he had already served 20 years in the Army.

"I signed a contract that I literally risked my life to fulfill," Richmond told the paper. "We want somebody in the government, anybody, to say this is wrong and we'll stop going after his money."

Investigations determined that fraud and mismanagement due to poor oversight contributed to the California Guard bonus overpayments, according to the Times.
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