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happywork May 18

part of the furniture for a long time exposure, the best place to be placed in the place where it can escape from the sun, or with transparent gauze curtains separated by direct sunlight. This does not affect the indoor lighting, can make the bedroom add how much warmth for western romance, and protect the furniture. 7, as far as possible to avoid the use of oily furniture cleaner, so that the product surface

whitening phenomenon, if the product surface stained with oil stains, the use of general cleaning agent can be. 8, in order to make the product can maintain a lasting freshness, please do not put on the table of hot food and rough bowl. The above content is small to share with you the autumn wood furniture maintenance eight cheats, I hope to help you solid wood furniture and maintenance, for more solid wood

furniture and maintenance knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Wooden doors are made of natural wood processing, wet weather, wooden doors of wood fiber is easy to absorb moisture in the air, resulting in internal and external stress, resulting in deformation of the door, cracking. If the door life is long, the usual maintenance work is essential. Below and make up a small

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