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liuyi May 19

finished product package composite deck

wood surface roughness is not enough, that selection of board is cheap, the flatness of plate is not enough, it is difficult to meet the environmental performance as can be imagined, with a mean. 3, to see whether the process of uniform small seam: see whether the process of uniform uniform uniform small, this root of the car almost, a direct reflection of the enterprise's comprehensive level of technology.

look at the installation quality: the finished product package door although in the factory to complete the production, but really become the goods to the customer to use the product is finished, so from the door products factory is only semi-finished products, installation is the key link. Good installation process, good installation tools, experienced installation technician is the key to the success of the installation.

Three: finally, hardware hardware, hardware is a very easy to let the door manufacturers get things with customers in the determination of product quality on the door, customers are advised to try not to buy their own hardware, if the manufacturer cannot provide acceptable hardware products, choose to choose brand-name manufacturers of hardware products, such products are generally is the lifetime warranty.

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