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qizhen Jan 11

It is medium that Russia asks division of collaboration of trade of industry of Mu Sike lumber in boat forestry limited company holds Mu Sike city in the palm to build in Russia, diy wooden pavilion plans with pictures in in government of Russian two countries approves " in joint development of Russian forest natural resources and use overall planning " below frame,

project of first the biggest joint development that has materiality to advance, also be one of priority discipline that the country advances area of collaboration of trade of the classics teak and holly laminated planks outside the condition to build at the same time. This project is in in dynast holds the post of when Russian two countries below the collective testimony of Chairman Hu Jintao and president of Mei Dewei Jeff, make an appointment with at formal on May 23, 2008 autograph.

Cooperative area plans an area 6.95 square kilometer, start area 3 square kilometer, holding a city in the palm to undertake silvan natural resources fells, the Axinuo that already wooden panels for floor in dubai building, nimble 3 garden area undertakes Gulijiete, Malinsike treatment, lumber trade professional work is begun in China and Russia.